Inflation,  You Now see it in Everything you buy..

The prices of everything are shooting beyond reach for a lot of people in the United States that would include energy, food, durable goods,  housing, education, and  credit interest rates.

We finally have Proof that the Biden Administration and their policies created the world wide inflation and now world wide recession and why it is accelerating at the speed of sound:

Almost Everything is much more expensive than it was just recently. Why? Why has median rent in jumped by twenty five (25%) percent in a single year? Why is your grocery bill going up by hundreds of dollars a month why can’t you now. afford to fill your cart anymore? Those are fair questions. It’s not what we’ve run out of the commodities we need. United States has a lot of them.

It’s a continental country. It stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We Have plenty of room for housing. We’ve got more than enough oil and gas within our own borders to be completely energy independent with some leftover over. We’ve got more fertile farmland than any country on the planet food should be cheap. So the problem is definitely not our resources. Our resources in the United States are abundant. The problem is our leaders; the things you need are too expensive to buy because politicians created inflation. And they did it for a simple reason. America has racked up so much debt. Buying votes and enriching themselves and their families, they had no choice, but to weaken the Us dollar in order to make the payments on the loans they took out. They Look at it as “if the dollar is less then we don’t owe that much in last year’s dollar value”  How screwed up is that!  It’s that simple. And then once inflation arrived ideologues  in the Biden administration immediately understood “how it could be used”. So since you can’t afford to drive your car, you will have no choice but to accept their green energy scams. And that means the donors who run those scams will get richer and they will get control over the Us economy. So everyone wins, Except You, it’s perfect for them.

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